UFI has a long history and an in depth experience in this product. Having a balanced recipe is challenging since there is always a trade-off between over run, stiffness, and mouth feel.

Over run is the main assessment tool for cost in use and that’s why we focus on the number of Kilograms needed to fill your whipping machine.

Stiffness and structure, make life easier for our chefs. With our stiff structure and heat resistance, our cream can be used for complex decorations and sustain their shape on the final display even in warm working environments like that of The Middle East and African region.

Mouth feel is the final assessment ground by the customer and we have succeeded to make it rich.

We have created this balance in each of our products fitting different economic conditions.

UFI offers a unique range of Powder Topping Creams that can sustain stiff structure in high temperatures with high yield.

1KG powder Topping + Sugar +Water 14 liters of Whipped Cream

General Benefits

  • High yield / 1 kg of Powder =14 liters of cream.
  • The Whipped cream can be used directly for decoration after whipping , no need to chill before use.
  • Can be rewhipped and used after 24 hours which gives flexibility and reduces slake.
  • Gives a very stiff structure that is resistant to high temperatures , allowing long distance transportation and energy saving.
  • Cream can stay for 48 hours with the same texture after decoration in room temperature 25C.
  • We offer over 5 types of powder toppings that can almost fit every possible working and economic conditions.
  • All grades are available in Sugar free and added sugar form.

Desired quantity needed of UFI powder topping to fill up different sizes of whipping machines

60 Liters whipping Bowl
3 Kg of Powder topping
2 Kg of Sugar
6 liters of cold water

40 Liters whipping Bowl
1.5 Kg of Powder topping
1 Kg of Sugar
3 liters of cold water

30 Liters whipping Bowl
1 Kg of Powder topping
700 gm of Sugar
2 liters of cold water

20 Liters whipping Bowl
0.5 Kg of Powder topping
350 gm of Sugar
1 liter of cold water

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Recipe for 1 KG of Sugar Free Cream

Item Chilled Water Suger
Richi Top 2.5 Liters 600 GM
United Cream 2.5 Liters 600 GM
Hyper Top 2 Liters 600 GM
Primo Top 2 Liters 600 GM
Alfa 2 Liters 600 GM


Recipe for 1 KG of Sugar Free Cream

Item Chilled Water
Richi Top 2 Liters
United Cream 2 Liters
Hyper Top 1.7 Liters
Primo Top 1.7 Liters
Alfa 1.7 Liters

25 /10 KG paper bags