Many names all over the world for the sweet milk delicacy

  • Milk Jam
  • Dulci de lychey
  • Milk Candy
  • Manjar
  • Cajeta
  • confiture de lait
  • HaPå spread
  • varyonaya sgushchyonka
  • Kajmak
  • Arabesk Caramelli

Milk Jam is made all over the world under different names and differs in taste, color, and texture from one country to the other.

It historically originated from Latin America and there are many claims about the exact product origin.

UFI was the first to develop Milk Jam in Egypt and the Middle East in 2015.

UFI was the first to produce it in Egypt and the middle east and we called it Milk Jam

Milk Jam

Its 100 % natural.
Produced from Full cream milk Powder.
Based on Dairy Fat.
Free From colors and Flavors.
Have a spreadable thick texture.
Zero Sugar Crystals.

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12 Kg Cartons (2 buckets x 6 KG)