Ready Mixes

UF offers a wide range of powder ready mixes that guarantees a consistent final product for the bakeries Ready Mixes Sponge Cake mix (Vanilla / Chocolate) English Cake mix (Vanilla / Chocolate/Orange) Muffin mix (Vanilla / Chocolate) Pastry filling cream Ice Cream mixes with different flavors Packaging 10 KG Paper bags

Jello Cold Glazes

A range of Flavored glazes for standard cake decoration by coating and Piping Jello Has a high thixotrophic texture Maintains the shine after chilling No surface gelling after chilling Chocolate Pineapple Natural Raspberry Caramel Mango Strawberry Apricot Packaging 9 Kg carton ( 2 buckets x 4.5 KG) 12 Kg carton (2 buckets x 6 Kg)…