About United Food Industries

For the past 25 years UFI has become the leading supplier for pastry and bakery ingredients in Egypt and The Middle east . Thanks to our clients for sharing their technical issues and needs. With the help of our clients , by sharing their technical issues and needs, we have developed a wide range of pastry preparations that are tailored to their requirements and working conditions. Read more

Sister Companies

DIVA is UFI sister company for consumer powdered deserts, and though launched in 2011, its products quality was delivered through UFI’s 25 years of experience and knowledge in the baking industry. Read more

Arab African trading Center is UFI sister trading Company that is mainly focused on serving the processed meat and chicken, and Juice sector. Read more

Latest News & Events

As UFI gains experience from its customers, we do always look for opportunities to meet our chefs through exhibitions and seminars.
We consider these events as the best opportunity to learn about how we can further develop our ingredients in the best way to serve the market needs.

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